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Most unexpected gold medals

The Olympics are truly a time to celebrate the endurance of the human spirit, where near incredible feats are accomplished across a range of sporting disciplines every four years. And what makes the Olympics just that much more exciting is those unexpected moments when outside competitors come from nowhere to […]

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Tattoo tribute fails

Appreciating someone’s sporting talent and supporting their career is admirable. But some sports’ fans take it just a smidge – possibly even a smudge – too far. Names of favourite sports’ teams, symbols or even replications of sporting greats’ faces have all been inked, in varying degrees of sophistication, across […]

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Darts World Championships

The globe’s greatest darts’ competitors will be eyeing out the record £1.8m prize money – which includes £400 000 for first prize – for the 2017/18 World Darts Championship taking place at Alexandra Palace, London from 14 December 2017 with the final on 1 January 2018. The format for this […]

Worst Sports’ Uniforms

Tactical manoeuvres, precision scoring and other-worldly talent should dominate the various sporting arenas, fields and pitches. Unfortunately for some, the ill-informed decisions made by marketing executives overshadow the beauty of the game, resulting in some truly ghastly outfits that detract focus from the sport. Here are some of the worst […]

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5 Tributes to Sports’ Heroes that Went Wrong

With so many sports’ heroes elevated to god-like status, it’s not surprising that the globe is peppered with statues, in various sizes, materials and colour, replicating these goal-scoring, team-dominating professionals. However, art being the subjective medium that it is, doesn’t always hit the mark in capturing the spirit of the […]

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Royal Baby Name Betting

No one family seems to dominate international headlines quite like the British royal family, and the inclusion of the glamorous Kate Middleton into its fold has only served to fuel this media fire. From fashion to décor choices, her selections turn any business to gold. So, it’s no wonder that […]

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Facts about Conor McGregor

Professional Mixed Martial Artist and UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor, will make his professional boxing debut against one of history’s best boxers, Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather on 26 August. McGregor, a reigning UFC Lightweight Champion and former UFC Featherweight Champion, is certainly in for a tough fight but he has […]

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The weirdest sports

The advent of the internet has shone a spotlight on some of the world’s wackiest and most bizarre sports. From Toronto to Leicester and beyond, people with a lot of time on their hands and extra energy to release have crafted some incredible ways to compete against like-minded individuals while […]

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When Sporting Heroes go Bad

Stardom in the sporting world can bring a lot of perks and attention with youngsters idolising these gods and goddesses from afar. So, when one of these super-human beings commits a mistake, they tend to fall hard, with the whole world watching. Here are some sporting heroes that went bad. […]

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The Best Father Son Sporting Duo’s

Growing up watching your father competing on the international stage in any sporting arena must have a huge impact on a boy and, for some, it ultimately determined their future path. There is something very satisfying about seeing a sport’s star pass over the baton to his deserving progeny, almost […]

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