J&B Met Betting

The J&B Met (which is now The Sun Met) will come out in full colour on the 28th January 2017. Place your horse racing bets today to ensure you secure the best odds.

Horse Betting: J&B Met

The most popular horserace betting options (amongst others) include:

FULL CARD – Have a chance at betting on all the races from race one to twelve. In full card you have a variety of options to bet on including overall winner, placed, open win or open place.

EXOTICS  – Exotics are special bets including Leading Favourite vs. Field 1, Top 3 vs. Field 2, Winning Sex 4, Winning Trainer 5 and winning margin 3.

ODDS AND EVENS  – Bet on an odd or even number to win race 1 to 12.

ALTERNATE PLACES – Choose from a variety of alternate placing’s for each horse and each race.

There are many more exciting online betting options to choose from.

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