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As a leading sports betting company we have put together some of the best sports betting tips and betting advice from the top experts in their respective industries. In order to understand which markets to bet on and which tournaments allow you to maximise your chances of winning, there are some great sports betting tips that you can follow. Below we offer sports betting tips for soccer, horse racing, rugby, golf, tennis and more. Read all our tips for betting.

Soccer Predictions.

Soccer fever is in the air and with it the world is making their own soccer predictions on each tournament and event.  Below we look at some of the experts soccer predictions for the upcoming soccer events: Soccer Predictions 2017/2018 Now that the calendars have turned to August, the curtains are […]

Soccer Betting Tips.

Soccer betting is  very popular among soccer fans. Some of the most popular soccer tournaments to bet on include the FA Cup, Champions League  and UEFA Europa League. Here are a few useful soccer betting tips to help you make the right betting choices. 4 Soccer Betting Tips 1. Soccer […]

Betting Tips.

We have gathered some of the best betting tips and advice from the top experts. In order to understand how you can maximise your chances of winning, there are certain guidelines that you can follow. Betting Tips Betting Tip 1: Use only registered online sports betting websites This may seem […]

Wimbledon Betting Predictions.

The month of July brings with it strawberries, cream, champagne and some of the world’s greatest grass court tennis action in the form of Wimbledon. Offering an incredible £31.6 million total prize money for the contest running from 3 to 16 July, this year’s championship will prove to be another […]

Horse Racing Betting Tips.

With many great horse racing betting opportunities coming up this year including the Vodacom Durban July and the Sansui Summer Cup we thought we would offer a few practical horse racing betting tips to make sure that your horse racing betting experience is fun and fruitful. Horse Racing Betting Tips […]

Sports Betting Trends.

When it comes to sports betting, constant research is the bettors best tool for improving their odds. And one of the best forms of research is monitoring betting trends to optimise consistent winning results. What are sports betting trends? Trends are effectively data compiled on a particular player or team […]

French Grand Slam Betting – Women’s Singles.

Here are a few options to dwell on for your Womens French Grand Slam Betting picks. These powerful ladies have all proven their worth on the court but is it enough to conquer the clay courts in France? French Grad Slam Betting 1. Garbine Muguruza The 2016 champion will be looking […]

The Power of Research in Sports Betting.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at sports betting it’s important to understand that the sports betting world is a unique marketplace. The sports betting marketplace generates clear winners or losers based on measurable outcomes (sporting events). Many bettors have tried to “beat the bookmaker” and sometimes they win […]

5 Horses to Bet on at the Sun Met.

The Sun Met (previously the J&B Met) is once again sure to be a crowd pleaser this year at Kenilworth Racecourse. Said to be South Africa’s most prestigious horseracing event, the Sun Met  offers equestrian and betting enthusiasts the chance to see some of the finest thoroughbreds in the country strut their […]

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