Sports Betting

Sports betting in South Africa has grown in popularity over the past few years and as a result a number of sport betting companies have entered the market.

BetXchange is the frontrunner in sports betting and is one of the best sports betting companies in South Africa. As a leading sports betting company, BetXchange offers the most competitive prices, great sports betting tips and the latest sports betting news. BetXchange covers all major sports and sporting events and also has facilities to place bets on live matches.

List of Sports Betting Websites.

Whether you’re looking to bet on rugby, soccer, cricket or tennis, here are a list of 10 great sports betting websites to choose from: Sports Betting Websites 1. Keith Ho Keith Ho is a leader in offering the largest variety of sports betting options in South Africa. You […]

Cycling Betting Tips.

With the Tour de France well on its way, cycling betting is on the rise with many punters looking for the best cycling betting tips. We have listed a few below to help you improve your cycling betting skills. Cycling Betting Tips 1. Cycling Betting Tip 1: Use only registered […]

Online Sports Betting in SA.

Online sports betting in SA is proving to be increasingly popular because of the convenience and improved access to Internet that the country is experiencing. The wide variety of sites, as well as various sporting options, means that there is always an exciting sporting event to bet on, 24 hours […]

Weekend Wrap 29 March.

The Easter weekend was filled with sports action.  Here we highlight some of the best sporting events of the weekend. Cricket The group stages of the ICC World Twenty20 came to the end on Monday with the South Africa versus Sri Lanka fixture.  South Africa cruised to victory thanks to […]

15 Fun IPL Cricket Facts.

IPL Cricket fever is here and excitement is mounting as fans watch their favourite cricket players take part. Here are the 15 most interesting facts about the IPL that are handy to know. IPL Cricket Facts 1st – Sporting event in India to introduce the concept of Cheerleaders. 1st – Sporting […]

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